Akava is a technology consultancy delivering delightful digital native cloud, web and mobile products that massively scale. We help F500 and start-ups ideate, architect, design and build bespoke solutions leveraging modern open-source tools, technologies & frameworks.

We are industry veterans, business-minded technologists, innovation specialists and start-up whisperers. We’ve built, launched and modernized technology for some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Charles Schwab, Uber, MongoDB, T-Mobile, Nasdaq, and Oracle.


As strategic consultants, we start by understanding your north star and your ‘why’ – we dive deep into your visions and align on outcomes while serving as an extension of your team throughout your journey. You deserve more than a ‘Bob-the-Builder’ firm who relies on you for direction.


Brandon Durbin

Founder & CEO

Brandon Durbin

Crafts strategic visions and deliver outcomes with a focus on empowerment; our goal is to create and capture massive value for our clients through collaboration.

Subir Chowdhuri

VP, Engineering

Subir Chowdhuri

Oversees the engineering function, directing and managing software development teams and delivery pods to ensure comprehensive client success.

Patrick Tiettmeyer

VP, Growth

Patrick Tiettmeyer

Drives strategic growth initiatives across Tech Consulting, M&A Due Diligence, and Elastic Scaling practices, spearheading the evolution and expansion of these key areas.

Keith Stevens

Principal & Co-Founder

Keith Stevens

Leads comprehensive oversight of finance, operations, and legal functions, driving the execution of strategic initiatives that advance the overall trajectory of the company.

Levi Strope

Head of Innovation

Levi Strope

Principal catalyst for innovation, focusing on solutions architecture, project execution, and ensuring exceptional customer experiences for both clients and internal products.

Alicia Richardson

Chief of Staff

Alicia Richardson

Collaborates closely with the Founders to establish robust systems, streamlined processes, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring that every team can operate at peak efficiency.

Brian Curran

Senior Partner

Brian Curran

Leads the M&A Due Diligence & Elastic Scaling practices, concurrently overseeing the strategic management of all enterprise partnerships.


Our core values serve as the bedrock of our company identity, guiding our every action and decision. We are committed to embodying these principles each day, fueled by a relentless pursuit of learning and growth.

Shipping Innovation

We solve big problems

We’re often called on to help solve our clients’ most pressing technical challenges. To deliver on that promise, we must stay innovative and cutting-edge in our thinking and skill development. We learn often and quickly, but never hastily.

Integrity Driven Excellence

We deliver results the right way

We care deeply about the work we do for our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We don’t cut corners; we do it the right way the first time, and we always aim to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Champions of Diversity

We empower diverse teams

As a certified MBE, we are dedicated to fostering a more equitable and inclusive work environment. This commitment extends to our internal practices, interactions with clients and partners, and engagement within our local communities.

Human-Centered Relationships

We value the relationships of everyone

Our greatness is rooted in the strong connections we cultivate within our internal team and external partnerships. Our relentless dedication to earning the trust of colleagues and clients defines our daily commitment.

Collaboration Breeds Success

We win as a team

Individual performances rarely lead to world-class outcomes. We’re all in it together, accountable to one another and our clients, working as one team to deliver on our brand promise.

Agnostic DNA

Best solution always wins

In a world that’s innovating at a rapid pace, we don’t just stick to how we did it the last time around. We believe technology has no religion – if there’s a faster, efficient, and more cost-effective way to do something, we’re committed to delivering it.

…And we don’t forget to enjoy the ride

The work we do is essential, and we work hard to do it well, but enjoying our time together is always top of mind.


Akava’s story began at a successful Silicon Valley software engineering consultancy, where its founding team first tasted the joy of building impactful products and serving delighted customers. Although that firm would eventually have a significant exit, a core group of engineers and leaders knew there was a better way to build a great technology company if they had a chance to do it over again.

When Akava launched in 2019, the goal was simple: create a company that can deliver world-class experiences for our customers, partners, and team members. We strive to be your go-to solution for all technology needs, ensuring that we are your first choice for getting the job done accurately and efficiently.

At Akava, it’s about more than just pixels and code. It’s about unlocking possibilities, exceeding expectations, and leaving a lasting impact. We’re driven by a shared passion for next-generation outcomes and genuine human connection. So, when you partner with us, you’re not just getting a solution, you’re getting a team of relentless advocates and lifelong collaborators.


Empowering others and giving back are ingrained in the very fabric of who we are. It’s not just a part of our DNA; it’s our driving force. A portion of our profits is fervently dedicated to championing the missions of the following organizations.


On your journey, having a true partner is essential. We stand ready to be your trusted technology co-pilot, navigating alongside you every step of the way.



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