Transforming MongoDB's Terraform Provider: Elevating Product Maturity & Amplifying Downloads by 600%

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database software company, partnered with Akava to reinvent, modernize and enhance its existing Terraform Provider. The main goal was to transition from a conventional supporting vendor structure to a dynamic partnership capable of propelling MongoDB’s Terraform Provider to new heights. MongoDB had a legacy version of the products at the time, and the collaboration to revamp it through additional modules, enhancements and overall fine-tuning increased the number of downloads from 2 million to 12 million.


The Challenge

MongoDB experienced a multitude of issues with their incumbent supporting vendor, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and a search for alternative approved Terraform Provider builders who could meet their requirements of being US-based, providing a consistent team and having a high degree of technical competency in the HashiCorp domain.

In our journey towards transitioning to MongoDB’s platform, particularly the Atlas product, in preparation for taking over the Terraform Provider program, we found it challenging to rapidly immerse ourselves with all the requisite product knowledge. We’ve encountered a steep learning curve, which was further complicated due to the lack of adequate knowledge transfer from the previous service provider. Despite these initial difficulties, we remained committed to leveraging the power of MongoDB’s Atlas platform to enhance, elevate and modernize the overall power of MongoDB’s Terraform Provider which adds an immense amount of value to their customers at large.


Our Approach

We devised a strategic approach tailored to address MongoDB’s unique challenges:

Discovery & Collaboration


A staged approach was used in the project, which included learning to understand MongoDB’s offerings, extensive communication with field operatives and architects for input, iterative building and continuous maintenance.

Product Enhancements


We developed additional product enhancements to bolster the overall usability and value for the user community of the MongoDB Terraform Provider. Through these additional developments, our goal was to deliver an even more robust and user-friendly experience for the community of users.

Workflow Alignment


Despite limited knowledge transfer from the outgoing vendor, we were able to take on MongoDB’s pre-existing models with very minimal disruption to the user community. We rolled up our sleeves, assessed the current workflows, delved into the repo to assess prior commits and reverse-engineered items to learn how everything worked end-to-end.

Tools & Tech Selection

The selection of tools and technologies was strategic, aiming to address the specific project’s requirements:

GitHub Actions

Chosen for streamlined workflows in CI/CD processes.


Selected as the compilation language, leveraging its efficiency and performance.


Utilized as the cloud infrastructure for MongoDB Atlas.


Utilized as the cloud infrastructure for MongoDB Atlas in a multi-cloud environment.


Results & Outcomes

The project engagement yielded significant outcomes:

Feature Enhancements

We actively contributed to the advancement of three key product offerings: Atlas, Identity, and Government Cloud. Within each domain, we meticulously developed substantial enhancements and updates that not only addressed user requests but also aligned with specific client demands across a diverse range of applications and unique edge cases. Our commitment to delivering tailored improvements ensures that their products not only meet the evolving needs of users but also excel in accommodating the intricacies of various scenarios, reinforcing our dedication to customer satisfaction and adaptability.

User Engagement

The growth trajectory of MongoDB’s Terraform Provider has been nothing short of remarkable, catapulting from 1 million to an impressive 12+ million downloads. In this transformative journey, we played a pivotal role, not only as a significant contributor to this surge through product development efforts but also as a key partner in aiding MongoDB’s strategic initiatives. Beyond the numerical achievements, we were instrumental in facilitating the establishment of an in-house team, fostering a culture of innovation, and implementing best practices that have fortified the foundation of the Terraform Provider program.

Elevated Partnership

The project engagement extended well beyond the initial year-long phase, as MongoDB continued to entrust us with ongoing responsibilities in product management and development. Throughout this extended engagement, we undertook a multitude of initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall value of MongoDB’s offerings related to the Terraform Provider. This included conducting a comprehensive health audit, providing in-depth analyses of core products, enhancing documentation and implementing improvements based
on our findings.

MongoDB Project Access

OpenSource Project Source Code

From the outset, Akava demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the HashiCorp ecosystem, namely having rich expertise in Terraform. They took time to understand the current state product, our core products and overall vision for the program. Akava not only delivered high-quality software engineering services but also brought fresh perspectives that significantly improved the user experience and performance of our product. Their commitment to agile methodologies ensured a seamless and efficient workflow, enabling us to release updates on schedule.

Zuhair A.

Sr Manager, Product