Propelling the P2P Micro-Mobility Industry Forward: Developing an Inventive MVP for Vässla

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

Vässla, a leading micro-mobility company in Europe, selected Akava to design and develop the MVP for their first consumer app. Vässla envisioned developing an app that included features such as battery, location, remote control and user management, with the long-term goal of scaling into a unified ‘super-app’ for all users.


The Challenge

Vässla faced several obstacles in its pursuit for innovation. The cutting-edge geosensing technology for location tracking and geo-locking was challenging to test and iterate on given the globally distributed nature of the team. Further, the creation of a feature for community bike rentals necessitated the development of innovative techniques to maintain a consistent user experience.

We ran into supply chain issues from the hardware manufacturer in China which further complicated the delivery timeline. We had to do a remote deep dive into production challenges via the HPI which was entirely new to the team. Given physical access to the hardware for testing was not accessible, remote hardware testing introduced another layer of complexity.


Our Approach

To alleviate these challenges, we devised a comprehensive approach:

Synchronous Hardware Testing


By establishing a real-time connection with the manufacturing plant, we navigated the intricacies of remote testing, ensuring thorough and effective evaluation of the systems despite physical separation. This involved utilizing documentation and conducting API calls to simulate and assess the performance of hardware components. This approach allowed us to validate functionalities, detect potential issues, and streamline the testing process in a collaborative and efficient manner.

Project Scaffolding


The foundation of the project involved a rigorous assessment of preliminary application designs for scope concerns. We established a robust code repository for version control and collaboration. Acceptance testing and API code deployment release pipelines were established. Basic application shells were developed for both the iOS and Android platforms, including AWS API connectivity for backend functionality.

MVP Development


Developed an MVP mobile app utilizing Bluetooth for geo-locking and community rentals. Transformed preliminary designs into a functional application with account creation and aligned front-end development. Finalized design, conducted user acceptability testing, and delivered the app to iOS and Android platforms. Maintained quality through continuous feature testing throughout the project lifecycle.

Tools & Tech Selection

The project utilized a range of technologies to achieve the desired outcomes:

React Native

Utilized for cross-platform mobile app development.


Used for backend API development.


Employed for streamlined styling and design consistency.


Integrated Bluetooth technology for geo-locking and hardware interaction.


Results & Outcomes

The partnership between Akava & Vässla delivered significant outcomes & value:

Hardware Integrations

After rigorous debugging and trials, we managed to achieve interoperability between diverse hardware systems, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and efficient performance. This was accomplished through meticulous quality assurance processes and leveraging advanced diagnostic tools, thereby optimizing the overall system performance.

Product Launch

The mobile app contributed to the seamless execution of the peer-to-peer community renting program. Through its advanced API integration and intuitive user interface, it enabled direct interactions between renters and owners, thus streamlining the process for a more efficient rental experience.

Secured Funding

Vässla successfully secured investment capital by demonstrating the effectiveness of its MVP, thus highlighting its potential for market success. The MVP served as a strategic tool to present a cost-effective solution that satisfies early adopters, and the gathered user feedback will be invaluable for refining the product for a larger market segment.

Partnering with Akava for our mobile app MVP development was transformative. Their team demonstrated a profound grasp of our conceptual vision, which translated into a product that surpassed our expectations. They seamlessly navigated intricate technical roadblocks, always offering innovative solutions that enhanced the app’s usability and performance. Their professional approach and rigorous testing ensured the final product was bug-free and robust, ready to withstand high traffic loads.

Max S.