Transforming Sports Betting: Shipping Caliente's Game-Changing Mobile App

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

Caliente partnered with Akava to develop a comprehensive mobile application designed for gambling enthusiasts, prioritizing a mobile-first approach. The objective was to emulate the existing website’s user interface and functionality across both iOS and Android platforms, thereby ensuring a seamless digital experience for all users. Additionally, Caliente needed to modernize their backend architecture, integrating sophisticated tooling & cloud infrastructure services. This strategic upgrade was driven by the anticipated surge in user traffic, stemming from the mobile application’s launch.


The Challenge

Caliente faced challenges transitioning from a web-based platform to mobile, driven by the need to align with industry trends and enhance user experience. Obstacles included scalability concerns, intricacies in the existing codebase, uncertainties about API quality, potential workflow constraints from Playtech capabilities, and ambiguity surrounding CMS and Casino Games connection. Additionally, stakeholder collaboration presented difficulties, given the geographic dispersion of decision-makers across Europe and Mexico. Overcoming these hurdles demanded a strategic and collaborative approach.


Our Approach

To address these challenges, we implemented the following approach:



We executed an extensive overhaul of the front-end web application architecture, integrating cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. This strategic enhancement focused on bolstering scalability, ensuring optimal performance even under heightened user traffic. Furthermore, we optimized the application’s responsiveness, refining loading times for various screen resolutions and devices. The result is an elevated user experience characterized by enhanced performance and adaptability across diverse platforms.

Agile Collaboration


Leveraging the flexibility of Agile methodologies, we organized daily standup meetings and weekly ceremonies designed to cater to diverse time zones, fostering a globally inclusive work environment. Utilizing Slack played a crucial role in enabling asynchronous interaction among team members, enhancing communication efficiency across distributed teams.

Mobile-First Accessibility


In the development phase, we strategically emphasized a mobile-centric paradigm to enhance product accessibility in preparation for the predominantly mobile-first user base. Employing responsive design techniques, our approach ensured optimal display and functionality across various screen resolutions, operating systems, and internet speeds. The focus on augmenting user interfaces and refining navigation elements aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience, ultimately boosting user engagement and retention through meticulous technical considerations.

Tools & Tech Selection

The selection of tools and technologies was strategic, aiming to address the specific project’s requirements:


Employed for performance modeling and enhancing application responsiveness.


Selected for its simplicity, robustness, superior performance and exceptional support for concurrent programming.


Used for high performance, stability, simple configuration
and low resource consumption.


Selected for its lightweight, high-speed scripting and excellent handling of data description constructs.


Used for container orchestration, ensuring seamless deployment
and scalability.

React Native

Chosen for cross-platform mobile app development, enabling a native app experience for both iOS and Android.


Deployed for infrastructure provisioning, ensuring a robust and scalable foundation.

GitHub Actions

Utilized for continuous integration and deployment to enhance development workflows.


Results & Outcomes

The outcomes of the project were profound:

Daily Active Users

Following the mobile app launch, Caliente witnessed a substantial surge in users, attributing this influx to the strategic move of providing mobile access, driven by both business requirements and a redefined technical infrastructure. The outcome manifested in heightened customer engagement, significant revenue growth, and the establishment of their market presence as a formidable mobile-first entity, underlining the successful alignment of business strategy with enhanced technical capabilities.

Scalable Platform

Our successful deployment features an advanced, scalable platform as the cornerstone for an ultra-high- performance sports betting system. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including cloud computing, containerization, and microservices architecture, the system ensures optimal efficiency and flexibility. Scalability is achieved through horizontal and vertical scaling, with high-performance databases and load balancing techniques enhancing responsiveness. This technical infrastructure adheres to industry best practices, providing a robust foundation for an exceptional sports betting experience.

Increased Revenue

The utilization of the mobile application witnessed a remarkable surge, resulting in a substantial increase in daily betting activities and the aggregate amount wagered. This notable upswing in user engagement highlights a heightened consumer dependency on mobile apps, particularly emphasizing the popularity of on-the-go betting applications. This trend reflects a paradigm shift in user behavior, emphasizing the pivotal role of mobile platforms in fostering seamless and convenient betting experiences.

Akava’s expertise was evident as they deftly constructed a robust, scalable architecture, ensuring smooth data handling and real-time updates, crucial for our sports betting platform. The app’s user-centric design, paired with unerring functionality, showcases their technological prowess. We appreciated their adherence to agile methodologies, enabling swift and efficient project completion

Alon G.