Fueling Cloud Transformation by Developing a Custom Terraform Provider Used by Millions

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

Oracle embarked on a mission to launch a cutting-edge cloud platform and sought to offer industry-leading tools to support it. To achieve this, they decided to develop a custom Terraform Provider. This Provider aimed to expand its cloud offerings while promoting modern development practices such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


The Challenge

Oracle faced the challenge of building a cloud-native solution that seamlessly integrated with its new cloud platform, leveraging Terraform as a means to extend its capabilities. Given the evolving nature of cloud tooling, the project existed in an environment of ambiguity, necessitating the creation of tools and APIs from the ground up. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive Terraform Provider that covered various aspects of cloud provisioning while ensuring accuracy, performance, and alignment with the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud API.


Our Approach

We came up with a thorough plan to deal with the problems at hand.

Architecture Design


We used a strategic approach characterized by careful architectural design and meticulous development to address the challenges of creating a unique Terraform Provider for Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud. In order to meet the specific needs of Oracle’s infrastructure, we started by designing a cloud-native solution. This design process was based on a profound comprehension of the complexities of the platform, ensuring perfect alignment and performance.

Feedback Loops


We adopted an Agile iterative methodology, working closely with internal stakeholders to collect feedback and make sure the solution was tailored to Oracle’s particular requirements. We used Golang, a language renowned for its performance and suitability for cloud-native applications, during the development phase.

Testing & Validation


Quality control was of the utmost importance and extensive testing was done to confirm that the Terraform Provider adhered strictly to the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud API and was accurate, dependable, and reliable. Testing and validation were efficient and painless thanks to continuous integration, made possible by tools like CircleCI.



We gave the Terraform Provider’s usability top priority by offering thorough documentation and usage examples. The value and usability of the solution were further increased by giving internal Oracle customers and users the ability to utilize the Terraform Provider effectively and efficiently.

Tools & Tech Selection

To build the custom Terraform Provider effectively, we utilized a range of tools and technologies:


For efficient and performant software development, crucial to building a robust and cloud-native solution.


As the foundation of the project, enabling Infrastructure as Code and cloud provisioning automation.


For containerization, ensuring consistency across different environments and deployment scenarios.


For continuous integration, automating testing and validation processes.


As the target platform, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.


Results & Outcomes

The outcomes of the project were profound:

Product Innovation

The project’s results were significant and they demonstrated our commitment to providing all-encompassing solutions for Oracle’s cloud architecture. Notably, we reached a significant milestone by creating a feature-complete Terraform Provider for Oracle Bare Metal Cloud that covered identity, computing, networking, and storage resources. This accomplishment demonstrated their dedication to making it easier to manage essential resources, which increased the effectiveness of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure.

Millions of Downloads

The Terraform Provider’s excellence and contribution to the community were also widely recognized, which led to its inclusion in the standard Terraform open-source distribution. This acknowledgement emphasized the provider’s compatibility and dependability, highlighting its significance within the larger ecosystem. The effect spread to the community, where the Terraform Provider grew to become one of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s most consumed open-source products, receiving over 4M downloads (currently over 26M+ & counting) while under our management.

Value Capture

Our collaboration with Oracle resulted in a custom Terraform Provider that empowered Oracle’s cloud platform by extending its capabilities through modern development practices. The development of the unique Terraform Provider for Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud was a success thanks to our strategic approach, which included architectural design, development excellence, strict quality assurance, and user-friendly documentation.

Oracle Project Access

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Terraform Provider

Akava took ownership of the entire project including project management, technical specification, helping to coordinate multiple Oracle groups, and setting timelines; most importantly they delivered an outstanding product in a timely manner. When they saw opportunities to stand up and take on additional responsibilities they did so immediately and to great effect. Over time we found ourselves enabling Akava to interact directly with customers, and they continued to impress.

Craig C.

Sr Director, Cloud Architecture