A Custom Web Application to Enhance the Student Event Experience & Deliver Rich Data Insights

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC), the largest community college in California, recognized the need to address compliance issues related to card data collection in their iPad point-of-sale (POS) solution. They aimed to enhance their system by integrating Bluefin, a secure payment processor. Additionally, they sought to improve the employee/agent and buyer journeys for transaction processing and receipt printing. In part, we collaborated with the API vendor, AudienceView, to explore their existing capabilities while also building custom APIs in order to deliver the project successfully.


The Challenge

The existing POS solution relied on a card swiper for collecting card information, raising concerns about compliance with data security regulations. The challenge was to redesign the system to direct employees/agents to the nearest terminal for card swiping and transaction finalization.

This approach eliminated the need for the iPad application to handle card data transmission, addressing compliance concerns effectively. The project also aimed to improve the user experience by providing features such as terminal selection during sign-in, visibility of correct terminals, post-sale information retrieval from AudienceView records, and receipt printing or emailing options.


Our Approach

We came up with a thorough plan to deal with the problems at hand.

Product Selection


We used a phased implementation strategy to address the project’s compliance and usability concerns. Initially, we placed a high priority on creating a terminal selection feature that would allow staff members and agents to select the closest terminal for card swipes and transaction completion. In addition to streamlining the payment procedure, this also made sure that the project’s crucial requirement for strict adherence to data security regulations was met.

Integrations & Efficiencies


We seamlessly integrated the system with AudienceView records so that staff members and sales representatives could access post-sale data straight from the AudienceView database. By streamlining post-transaction processes and enhancing issue resolution capabilities, this integration significantly improved customer service. In order to better meet customer preferences, we added options for emailing and printing receipts, giving customers flexibility while ensuring they quickly received the necessary transaction documentation.

Quality Assurance


To ensure that all features worked as intended, data transmission remained secure, and all compliance issues were fully addressed, we carried out stringent testing and quality assurance throughout this meticulous process. This thorough process was designed to proactively find and fix potential problems prior to the system’s full rollout. Since a smooth transition was crucial, we also held extensive employee training sessions to make sure that staff members were knowledgeable about the new features, that their queries and worries were addressed, and that they felt comfortable using the updated system.

Tools & Tech Selection

The following tools and technologies were carefully selected to ensure the project’s success:


The first version of the app required a native iOS programming language to meet the requirements of an existing payment terminal.

React Native

Additional app iterations needed to cater to multiple device types so we leveraged React Native for its cross platform mobile app compatibility functionality.


A secure payment processor chosen to address compliance and data security concerns.

AudienceView API

Utilized to interface with AudienceView records and retrieve post-sale information.


Results & Outcomes

The project engagement yielded significant outcomes:

Security Modernization

By successfully achieving these milestones, we addressed compliance concerns, enhanced the efficiency of the payment process, and improved the overall user experience for both employees/agents and customers.

Platform Upgrades

The integrated system provided secure payment processing, efficient data retrieval, and flexible receipt delivery options. This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that prioritize compliance, security, and usability while meeting the unique needs of our clients like Mt. SAC.

Partnering with Akava was an absolutely phenomenal experience from start to finish! The team took our high-level vision and not only made it a reality but exceeded our expectations. They truly are Swiss Army knives: business-minded minded, product-oriented while being exceptional engineers.

Brandin B.

Director, Technical Services