Streamlining Operations & Cost Savings Through Custom Technology Solutions

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

Side, a prominent unicorn tech startup based in San Francisco, is revolutionizing the real estate industry. To expedite the development of a cutting-edge web-based application, Side sought the expertise of a consulting firm, aiming to replace existing third-party vendor products. Despite starting with limited research and designs, Side was determined to achieve rapid, yet exceptional execution. This successful venture marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration, superseding Side’s reliance on Upwork talent for the past five years.


The Challenge

Historically Side had to navigate through several hurdles such as the laborious task of auditing real estate transaction documents. They also had to cultivate a more critical eye towards document submissions and contend with the industry’s resistance towards embracing innovation. Simultaneously we had to wrestle with challenges associated with a document signing integration, specifically with third-party services like DocuSign. Furthermore, we faced the complexity of user onboarding given the diverse user types and UI/UX considerations. Despite these hurdles, our determination remained unwavering, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionize the industry.


Our Approach

We employed a strategic approach to address the challenges faced by Side:

Research & Team Engagement


After conducting meticulous research and fostering close collaboration with the team at Side, we successfully developed a robust, automated system for auditing, categorization, and verification. This state-of-the-art system exemplifies our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Document Signing Integration


We initially explored DocuSign alternatives in an effort to decrease Side’s dependence on their platform. While the initial trials were not successful, we didn’t back down. Instead, we innovated and streamlined our approach by developing a templating model. This strategy has not only significantly minimized Side’s reliance on DocuSign, but has also led to a noticeable reduction in costs.

User Onboarding & UI/UX


Embracing a mobile-first strategy has greatly streamlined Side’s user onboarding process. Through clear and effective communication, we’ve been able to successfully navigate user resistance, ensuring a seamless transition in workflows and enhancing overall user experience.

Tools & Tech Selection

The selection of tools and technologies was guided by specific strengths and suitability for the project:


Leveraged for its industry-standard document signing capabilities.


Selected as the database management system for its robustness and reliability.


Employed for containerization, ensuring scalability and efficient deployment.


Leveraged for top tier component-based architecture, virtual DOM enhanced performance, declarative syntax and efficient state management.


Deployed for JavaScript enhancement for things such as static typing, catching errors early, improving code quality and refactoring support.


Selected for the event-driven, non-blocking I/O and scalable nature that facilitates efficient server-side applications.


Results & Outcomes

The collaborative efforts between Akava and Side yielded significant results:

Automated Document Auditing

The integration of automated auditing, categorization, and verification solutions has dramatically streamlined the process of document reviews, significantly reducing the time and manual labor involved. This leap forward in efficiency marks a transformative moment for Side’s internal workflow management.

Optimized Document Signing

By integrating advanced machine learning and constructing a robust templating model, we have significantly decreased the dependence on DocuSign for Side. This strategic move not only streamlines their operations but also results in significant cost reductions, amplifying their operational efficiency.

Improved User Workflows

Adopting a mobile-first strategy coupled with clear and effective communication resulted in significantly streamlined user workflows and elevated the overall user experience.

Positive Internal Revisions

Leveraging a data-driven approach to User Experience (UX) introduced by us, Side meticulously refined several internal workflows within their organization. Through this strategic move, they aim to boost efficiency and deliver superior value to their clients.

Partnering with Akava to lead multiple projects in support of our digital transformation program was a phenomenal decision. Their rich expertise in UI/UX design, user research, product management & software design was invaluable. Under demanding deadlines, they consistently produced high quality results across the board.

Katherine M.

VP, Product Management