Enhancing the Customer Engagement Journey with a Bespoke Web Application

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    Project Overview
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    The Challenge
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    Our Approach
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    Results & Outcomes

Project Overview

UpRys, a Business Process Optimization company, aimed to redefine customer experiences by harnessing imperative data from SurveyMonkey. They engaged Akava to develop a captivating web application that would enable businesses to assess their performance based on survey responses. This application needed to provide actionable insights and allow users to access, download, or receive survey results via email in PDF format.


The Challenge

UpRys encountered several challenges in their quest to create a valuable customer experience assessment tool:

Accurate PDF Generation

The primary challenge was generating PDFs that accurately represented the survey results. These PDFs needed to include charts, graphs, and other visual elements to ensure they were visually appealing and informative.

Survey Data Variability

Participants often modified survey questions and answers on SurveyMonkey, leading to discrepancies between the application and actual survey data. UpRys needed a solution to handle these variations effectively.


Our Approach

We came up with a thorough plan to deal with the problems at hand.

Product Strategy


The strategy was to create a highly adaptable system that allowed each company to customize categories in accordance with their particular needs. This degree of customization made it possible to adapt the scoring system to each company’s unique requirements and preferences, increasing the platform’s overall usefulness and relevance.

Application Development


We created specialized Node.js microservices to handle the exacting and complex task of PDF generation. This microservices-based strategy made sure that all visual components, including intricate charts and graphs, were accurately represented in the final PDF reports. The generated reports’ quality was significantly improved by this dedication to accuracy and attention to detail, which raised their value to Uprys and its clients.

Admin Dashboard


A user friendly admin interface was created specifically for UpRys administrators. Administrators were able to easily manage categories, update survey data, and complete other crucial tasks thanks to this user-friendly interface. We sought to simplify the administrative procedures and give UpRys a tool that enhanced their operations and productivity by placing a high priority on user-centric design.

Tools & Tech Selection

To build this robust web application, we strategically selected the following technologies:


We used Django as the primary framework for its robustness and scalability. It provided a solid foundation for developing efficient , scalable and maintainable code.


Node.js was leveraged to create a dedicated microservice for PDF generation. This choice allowed for seamless integration with the main application, ensuring the accuracy of visual elements in PDF reports.


Results & Outcomes

The outcomes of the project were profound:

Enhanced Customer Insights

Despite the challenges related to native SurveyMonkey product limitations, the web application was successfully deployed and is currently operational. Users can effortlessly access their scores through the platform, download comprehensive PDF reports, or have them delivered via email. The customizable categories feature has proven to be a valuable asset for companies, enabling them to align the scoring system with their unique needs. The admin interface has empowered UpRys administrators to efficiently manage and update the application as required.

Value Creation

Our collaboration with UpRys resulted in the development of a captivating web application that significantly elevated customer experiences. By harnessing SurveyMonkey data, we created a platform that offered actionable insights and allowed businesses to accurately evaluate their performance. Despite the challenges faced during the project, the application continues to operate seamlessly and deliver exceptional results, enhancing UpRys’ mission to transform customer experiences.

Akava masterfully ideated, architected, designed and developed our MVP from end-to-end. Their technical prowess and overall competence are truly exceptional, distinguishing them as experts within their field. They navigated complexities and nuances with ease and always delivered above our expectations

Anthony M.

President & COO